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Monuments and Churches

Its history can be related in its churches and monuments where all the cultures brought here by the major Strada Regina (Queen's Road) merge; this road has always been a precious link between the South of Italy via Milan-Como and Central-northern Europe.

St. Bartholomew's Church
This church has been known since 1247 and maybe, it is of earliest origins.
It is rich of frescoes of the 16 th century and stuccoes of 1692.
It has a baroque organ, a chancel and the confessionals.
You can see a big crucifix of the 15 th century by Lierni, a chiseller from Como and an altar-piece with the Virgin Mary and Jesus by Morazzone.

Villa Camilla
The history of the villa begins in 1600, like Crude room of the family, subsequently sold to the Conte Filippo Antonio Boilermaker who neither widened the architectonic structure, remained then unchanged in the tempo.
To its dead women, in 1753, left universal heir of its property the grandson marquis Bartolomeo Boilermaker whom it married Victoria Peluso, of Neapolitan origin, with which it resided to Villa of Este.
Died Boilermaker in 1806, the Peluso, risposata the successive year with napoleonico general Domenico Pino, between the innumerevoli assets of the husband inherited also the palace of Domaso (that it became property Peluso Pine).
In the 1837 villa it passed to the Lampugnani: the test one stable skill of Deep esteem “and”, executed in that year from the expert Giovanni Connecting rod on assignment of Francisco Lampugnani. “House Boilermaker”, therefore was called the villa, will remain property of the Lampugnani until 1863 when the same Francisco, with an action of donation written up from the notary public Stefano Ronchetti from Bellano, divides its numerous property between the four sons.
The villa of Domaso, with other assets in Gravedona, passed to Giuseppe Lampugnani, trader, that it tried to create a Bank, but because of investments mistake to you, 1866 came to perhaps find itself in a difficult economic situation that it forced the family to sell the villa, between 1864 and. Successes to you owners were Samuel Hill (dead man in the 1888) and moglie Emma Gryllis (1902), both buried in one nail head of the cemetary of Domaso.
In 1903 conte the Giuseppe Sebregondi, as she says the lapide, acquired the villa and in the years succeeded she embellished to you with paintings and she putties, widening also the destined east zone to parco.
To its dead women, in 1944, the property domasina, not having eredi directed, touched to the grandsons Carl and Giovanni, sons of the brother Luigi, than in the 1955 they will today sell the villa to Common of Domaso.
the sontuosa known dwelling as “Camilla” remembers in the name the first moglie of Giuseppe Maria, the illustrious ancestors of the Sebregondi lived in the 1800's, than in first wedding she had married Camilla Barbiano of Belgioioso, the only one to assure one descendancys to the family, remembered also in one coat of arms frescoed inside of the villa.
The building today maintains architectonic the structure neoclassica to rectangular, typical plant of the age, without particular articulations. The inside is set up on an axis centers them north-south that connects the entrance to lago with the entrance hall, with the hall they centers and the garden on the back. The subdivision of the plans remains almost unchanged also, of the rooms and of the scalone realized in the Settecento.
In the villa, beyond to the garden, the building to flank, currently used to private room, and the premises today center of the Italian Red Cross and the Medical Guard (in the 1700's and perhaps also for all 1800's they were you sew some to them, the pantries and the ripostigli). Moreover, the property continued to beyond puts into effect it them Via Rome with comprehensive peasant caseggiato of press and using also like wine cellar and to ghiacciaia in the basements.


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