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Domaso lies on the west side of the northern lake. It was a fishing village, now transformed into an agreable dynamic tourist area.

It is composed by narrow and steep lanes. Domaso is one of the most famous and hospitable villages of the Alto Lario.
It is the surfers' paradise, thanks to the lake's breezes called "Breva".
These breezes are always constant and this is the ideal condition for surfers and for aquatic sports' lovers. Domaso offers modern sporting equipments,too. Beautiful mountains, where you can go trekking and run by mountain-byke, encircle the village.

It is a wholesome, peaceful and restful place, where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes;secular woods and alpine lakes.

The weather is mild in winter and even milder in summer, so there is a blooming vegetation.



storia di domaso lago di ComoProbably,Domaso is of Roman origin. During the Middle Ages, it was as important as Gravedona. They had many fights both from political and religious point of view.

The built-up area consists of several hamlets and groups of houses, ext ...

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Monuments et Églises

Chiese di domasoSon histoire peut être relatée dans ses églises et ses monuments où toutes les cultures amenées ici par le Strada Regina majeur (la Route de la Reine) fusionne ; cette route toujours a été un lien précieux entre le Sud d'Italie via Milan-Como et Euro ...

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Le lac de Côme

comer seeIl est le troisième lac italien comme une surface de 145 km ² et le premier pour le développement du périmètre de 170 km. Il est situé à 199 m s.l.m. Parmi le plus profond d'Europe , a des profondeurs cryptodepression . Il est le cinquième bassin pro ...

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À proximité

Numerose sono le città di interesse storico-artistico che si possono raggiungere da Domaso.
Lago, montagne, storia e arte questo è ciò che il nostro territorio può offrire e ancora, parchi naturali e archeologici, valli incontaminate dove pass ...

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Art dans le nord du lac de Côme

The north Lake Como as a charming open-air museum, where you can enjoy a nice day exploring historic buildings in landscape contexts still preserved and know the history with the help of trained guides.

Historically it is known as the land ...

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