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Art dans le nord du lac de Côme

The north Lake Como as a charming open-air museum, where you can enjoy a nice day exploring historic buildings in landscape contexts still preserved and know the history with the help of trained guides.

Historically it is known as the land of the Tre Pievi, countries holders of religious power and administrative, or Gravedona, Dongo and Sorico.

In Santa Maria Rezzonico, are the ruins of an ancient fortified wall dated to the fifth / sixth century. In Gera Lario traces of mosaics probably belonging to a Roman domus.

Medieval times transmits all its charm its mystery in the charming sacred area of Gravedona, where we find one of the most special of the Lombard Romanesque: Santa Maria del Tiglio, but also on the shores of Lake Mezzola where wrapped in silence and nature is the oratory of San Fedelino (thousand years).

The Renaissance is very present and is a real surprise to find entire cycles of frescoes in good condition and excellent pictorial like those in Santa Maria delle Grazie in Gravedona, in San Vincenzo in Gera Lario or San Martino in Montemezzo and still in San Miro Sorico or San Giacomo Livo.
It's really a surprise the '500 in the north Lake, someone has compared these lands to a small Tuscany.

Finally, the '600 with the vivid colors of the "Fiammenghino", his hell in the church of St. Eusebius of Peglio is very famous. the Church is built in a beautiful location overlooking the lake and mountains all around.

The artistic treasures of these places become even more suggestive because placed in a fantastic natural landscape.

santa maria del tiglio gravedona san gusmeo e matteo gravedona santa maria delle grazie gravedona sant eusebio peglio

san fedelino lago di mezzola san giacomo livo san vincenzo gera lario 

Imago - guides touristiques

Imago est une association de guides touristiques professionnelles qui travaille sur le Lac de Côme du 1992.

Une sélection de guides qui aiment le lac est à votre entière disposition pour étudier et organiser des visites pour la journée ent ...

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